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Windows 10 Product Key

Windows 10 is one of the friendliest and most widely used operating system around the globe and if you have to reinstall your Windows due to some reason you should have your Windows 10 Product at hand so that there is no problem in activation and the authentication of Windows 10. The Product Key for Windows 10 is 25 characters’ key that is used to activate the Windows and if you are re-installing your copy of product key Windows you must have your 25-character key with you in order to avoid any problem. There are various locations where you can find your Windows 10 Product Key and we are listing all the options where you can locate your Windows product key with ease and efficiency. Activation product key process of the Windows 10 is very important as it makes sure that you are using the legitimate version or copy of the Windows and the copy of the WINDOWS 10 PRODUCT KEY that you are running on your system is completely genuine.

Get the Windows 10 Product Key form an authorized retailer

If you have purchased your copy of WINDOWS 10 PRODUCT KEYS (100% FREE WORKING SERIAL KEY) from an authorized retailer the product key will be available at the label and the card inside the box in which the Windows 10 was came from the retailer.

A New PC that is running Windows for the first Time

If you have purchased a new PC with WINDOWS 10 PRODUCT KEY already running on the PC the key will be also preinstalled on your system along with the Windows. This key will be written on the packaging in which your laptop or your PC came. The product key can also be included in the certification of authenticity that is COA which is installed on your system.

Having a Digital Copy of Windows 10 from the Website of Microsoft

If you are purchasing a digital copy of Windows from the website of Microsoft the Key will come in the confirmation email that you will receive from the Microsoft after getting the copy of Windows. It can also be distributed in the form of digital license however in this case you will not receive the product key in the email confirmation.

Upgrade to Windows 10

If you are opting for a free upgrade from Windows 7 or product key Window 8 or 8.1 to Windows 10 you will receive a digital license for the activation instead of 25 characters’ key.


There are also a number of other ways of getting and acquiring your product key such as if you want to clean install WINDOWS 10 PRODUCT KEY on the very same machine on which it was already installed you can do so simply by downloading the ISO product key file and turning the file into USB drive or the DVD physical media and then running the setup right from there for an absolutely clean install. During the process of installation if the Windows setup asks for your product key simply skip this step and let the installation process complete without this step. Once the clean install of your Windows is complete the copy of your Windows 10 is automatically activated as Microsoft knows that you have clean installed the Windows 10 on the same hardware device. After the activation of your Windows 10 you can always check your activation status from the Settings Winkey +I >Update and Security> Activation. Now at any time if you decide to change the hardware components of your system you need to call Microsoft so that they can note the change and can activate your copy of Windows once again. In the case of retail and digital product you can get the product key from the Windows Store, MSDN, Dream Spark, Tech Net and similar online stores that provide you with activation key for Windows 10.

Windows 10 Product Key

There is also good news related to product key activation of Windows 10 and that is for the WINDOWS 10 PRODUCT KEY Anniversary Updates you can now easily link all the retail and digital licenses for the Windows 10 to your Microsoft Account. This is very much advantageous as you get new PC or get new hardware you don’t need to re-purchase the activation key as you have to simply sign in by using your Microsoft Account that has a product key linked to it.

Windows 10 Product Key

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