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Sims 3 Keygen has gone beyond the original concept of the game of crating lifelike Sims 3 and virtual dollhouse to make an interactive neighborhood. The Sims 3 is lively and let you create your own computerized family and figurines and let them achieve their life time dreams with interactive set of activities and events. There is a complete Sims 3 town in Sims 3 that resides on a map that let you deal with multiple houses at a time instead of building and managing one house. You can explore the neighborhood as well as your family is free to explore and interact at their own. There are more than 60 personal in Sims 3 traits in a fully-grown sim like that of a flirt, loner, influencer and many other. These traits can influence the environment as well as the people around those Sims 3.

The Sims 3 is a rehash of the previous editions with some new and refreshing features. All the returning elements of the Sims 3 are reenergized and expanded with a number of improvements. There are added and expanded customization tools in Sims 3, tools to interact with other Sims 3 and other objects in the game. There is free to explore town that makes you a part of this lively and pulsating virtual society. Sims 3 keygen is the blend of the old and new that makes it one of the most charming games of the recent times.

Sims 3 Keygen: The Basic Game Play

Sims 3 Keygen is a virtual life simulator where there are a number of characters known as Sims 3. You can take control of a single Sim or you can also create an entire household of these Sims 3. Sims 3 behaves like actual humans where they have to bath, sleep, eat and empty their bladders as well. Actually, Sims 3 Keygen is absolutely the real life that is boiled down to the mechanics and robotics. Sims 3 perform all the activities as performed by real humans such as joining the gym to develop the body, going to beauty parlors, cooking in the kitchen and changing diapers of crying babies at midnight. Sims 3 also have enemies and friends and also go to work to earn simeleons that is obviously the name of money used in their town. They yammer in sweet language known as Simlish and communicate with each other via Speech Bubble appearing over their heads.

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The Sims 3 is pretty consistent with its PC version and in order to getting started you have to create a Sims 3 Household with a number of tools that let you create a Sim with deep customization and personalization. You can pick the physical appearance of the Sims 3, their voice, their traits and their wishes they want to achieve in their lifetime. There are a number of tools in Sims 3 for customization where you can remodel an existing house or you can also build a new house right from the scratch.


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Sims 3 Keygen: Key Features of Sims 3

There is an instant expansion of the Sims 3 that includes a number of added features from the Sims 3 2 such as adding of the personal inventories, pets, private vehicles, restaurants and parks. There are six moods of the Sims 3 that you have to manage and these include hunger, bladder, energy, being social, hygiene and fun. There are also life goals of the Sims 3 such as their own wishes and opportunities and also includes a main life wish. There is a Wide World Option that allows your Sims 3 to interact with the whole wide world. There is an option of Virtual Make Over with the help of Create a Sim tool that is extremely flexible as ever with which you can alter the weight, height, hair color and texture of your Sims 3.

Sims 3 Keygen: System Requirements

There must be a 2.4GHz processor for Windows Vista along with having 1.5 GB RAM and 6.5 GB of free hard drive with one GB for personalized and custom data and a 128 MB video card with the support of pixel shader 2.0 for a smoothing running of the game.


Sims 3 Keygen comes with robust and intuitive creation tool that let you explore the town for free along with enjoying charming audio and video.


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