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RegClean Pro is a simple Windows Utility tool that is used to scan, detect and fix invalid and corrupt registry entries within the Windows Operating System. The software works with scanning the odd or suspicious areas of key registry in order to find obsolete and broken registry entries that are of no use and left behind within the computer causing performance hogs. RegClean Pro Serial Keys are Here! [Latest] also looks for free fragments scattered all over the Windows registry and removes them as they don’t perform and solid function and occupy free space within the key registry. RegClean Pro crack results in a compact download and clean registry system that helps your free computer to run faster in a smooth and stable manner.

Pros and Cons of RegClean Pro

Pros Cons
·         RegClean Pro is a click through registry cleaning tool so the entire process of optimizing registry is mostly automated

·         RegClean Pro improves the PC performance by eliminating bad registry files and other associated problems

·         RegClean Pro increases the capacity of your PC by freeing a large space and solving optimization issues within the registries


·         RegClean Pro tries to install a number of other products of its vendor Systweak during the key installation process

·         It starts scanning your PC for problems every time to reboot your PC thus proving to be an annoying utility tool

·         RegClean Pro acts as a scare ware as it continuously key alarms you about the nasty infection that your PC is possibly suffering from

·         Actual Registry related issues are only solved if you purchase the full and professional version of the software

·         Removing the software is difficult as there are reported errors in the uninstall file of the program

·         RegClean Pro can damage your registries by its aggressive cleaning routine that makes your computer key unbootable at times.

·         In certain cases it is reported that RegClean Pro comes with some nasty Trojan Virus that infects the PC


The Final Verdict

RegClean Pro is created and published by Systweak that is official certified partner of Microsoft and it promises to clean up your key registry in order to optimize and boost up your performance. Selecting and free installing a best key registry clean up software download is not easy as it may damage and erase the necessary registry information that is required for optimized performance of the computer. RegClean Pro is the software that comes with optimization as well the safety features so that no mistake is undone.

RegClean Pro Key 2015 Crack + Keygen Full Free Download: Registry Cleaning Tools and Items

RegClean Pro is the only registry cleaning software that checks all the 15 registry areas for possible problems and key errors. In addition to checking for the registry errors it also checks for spyware and hidden traces of malicious installed software within your system. RegClean Pro free checks for the shared DLL files download, Com and ActiveX keys and helps in eliminating those elements that actually result in the slow performance of your PC and Web. In addition to above mentioned programs RegClean Pro checks and repairs invalid path for applications, key broken links, help files, invalid class keys, typelibs, fonts, invalid interface entries, CLSID along with detecting and removing invalid sound and application events that are resulting in poor performance of your system.

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RegClean Pro: Performance and Utility

In order to run a registry clean and optimization utility you must keep the fact in your consideration that registry is a very small and compact area as compared to the rest of the system memory and key disk space. In a Windows 7 operating system the size of registry is almost about 398 MB only that is modestly bloated. We tested RegClean Pro on our free Windows operating system 7 and find out that the aggregated performance of key PC went up by a percentage of 5 after running RegClean Pro to optimize the registries. RegClean Pro is ideal to be used on a basic and off shelf computer as the results of the performance were the composite of two well recognized key utilities that are Dhrystone and Whetstone and for RegClean Pro the Dhrystone Integer download went up to 10 percent that is a quiet decent score.

There is an advanced system optimizer offered by RegClean Pro 6.2 Full Version Download + key crack keygen that scans Windows for physical errors and updates such as driver updates and key privacy controls breeches and intrusion. You can install this free advance system optimizer on the during the installation process of RegClean Pro. You can uncheck the key option of installing the system optimizer if you don’t want to install this function of RegClean Pro.

RegClean Pro: Safety Options

RegClean Pro is a professional registry optimizer that prevents your registry from fatal errors and damages. There are multiple levels of protection layers offered by RegClean Pro while optimization process of your key registries.  RegClean Pro creates full and partial registry backup before performing any changes on the registry settings. This let you to restore your registry at any point of the optimization process download of registries to roll back the changes. The key progress screen is very easy and interactive as it shows you how much process is done and how much is left.

RegClean Pro has an exclusion list as well where you can add a list of sensitive and critical files so that key software doesn’t scan these files and do some changes in these files. There is also a Scan Area option that helps you in selecting the free area of your computer that you want to scan.

RegClean Pro License Key 2015 Crack Full Free Download: Help and Support Desk

A telephonic support for the technical assistance is provided by Systweak for 24 hours and 7 days a week. The website of the key vendor is also an excellent resource of help and support material for the assistance of the user. There is an FAQ section that deals with the common issues and problems and this section is divided into categories so that it’s easy for user to access the desired section.


RegClean Pro is one of the most dynamic, fast and robust registry cleaning software available in the market. It increases the performance of your PC in addition to keeping your registry settings safe and key compact. However, one should keep it in mind that registry software are tricky to use and they may result in defragmentation download of entire registry settings and space resulting in affecting the overall performance and output of your computer.


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