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Recuva professional crack download

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Recuva is a free to download recovery and restoration tool that can easily recover lost files and deleted data from any hard disk that Windows can read. Recuva makes use of the fact that files on your Hard Disk are not actually removed if they are accidently or intentionally deleted and remain available for crack restoration until or unless the space is rewritten with the new files. The best thing about Recuva is that it’s very fast and user friendly and it has an ability to restore almost everything. In addition to recovering files from the hard drive of your computer Recuva Professional 1.51.1063 Full Version Download With Keys enables you to recover key files download from any removable media such a crack s memory cards, flash drives and USBs etc.  Recuva is created and presented by famous and well known software company Piriform which is the creator of effective tools like CCleaner, Defraggler and Speccy.

Pros and Cons of Recuva Professional

Pros Cons
·         The best thing about Recuva is that it is absolutely free to download

·         Recuva also comes in a portable version as well that can run from crack USB stick

·         Recuva Professional also includes a secure delete feature

·         The search results of Recuva tell you about the condition of the file before finally recovering it

·         Recuva comes with a clear and easy to use key interface

·         The file recovery ability of Recuva is very effective

·         Recuva lacks in some professional features that come with the priced alternative of the software

·         It delivers false reports as sometimes files are tagged as unrecoverable status although they are place on the same location on hard drive

·         Sometimes installing Recuva may results in overwriting the existing crack data download

·         Recuva free version pushes to purchase the premium version of the software

·         Recuva takes a long time to search large and loaded crack hard drive



The Final Verdict

Recuva is one of the best free recovery tool that can be used with the NTFS, FAT and exFAT files systems. It can also be used on the crack USB sticks, storage cards and other memory devices including key music players. Recuva is an effortless tool with a positive interface and very basic search operation. It comes with a wizard based set up that helps you in relocating the file by selecting the crack file type. Recuva is an excellent option but you will experience a slower than usual performance of your PC when Recuva is working on the large key hard drives download.

Recuva Professional: Download and Installation

You can download the Recuva Professional 1.51.1063 Crack with Serial Keys 2016 Professional directly from the crack Piriform website and can select the download version of your choice as there are two download versions download. One is the traditional EXE key file version of the software for direct installation while the other one is a portable version that doesn’t require crack installation on the PC. The installation file comes in a size of 5 MB that is not very large.

The installation process is also very quick and easy and a Welcome screen asks you for license agreement, language selection for the installation while you click on the installation file.

Recuva Professional: The User Interface

The GUI of the program is very basic and easy to use. There are two panes of the main window these are the Results Pane and the crack Preview Pane. The Results Pane shows the restored files along with their path whereas the Preview Pane shows some information about the restored files.  There is a deep down menu in the interface that let you select the drives for scanning, options button for the configuration settings of the program and so on.

Recuva Professional: Technical Features

It is very simple to work with Recuva as it is easy for both the experienced and novices. There are crack two scanning modes for searching and resorting key data and these are as under: –

  • The Wizard Mode
  • The Advanced Mode

Recuva professional with key

The Wizard Mode

The Wizard Mode is a crack ideal operating mode for the non-experienced and new users. After starting the program, you will be taken to the Wizard Mode that will assist you in performing all the required steps and recovering the crack files download. There are a number of file format that are supported by the program for recovery such as pictures, music, documents, videos and compressed crack files. The format supported for image files include BMP, JPEG, GIF, PING, TIFF and RAW. Music supported formats are AAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, MP1, MP2, WAV, WMA. Documents that are key supported by Recuva are Doc, Docx, odp, odg, odf, odt, ppt, pptx, pdf, xls, xlsx. This program also recovers and restores emails.

After selecting the desired file format, you want to recover the next step in the wizard mode is to select the location in which you want to search the file to be recovered. Now Recuva will search for the crack file itself and can find almost 50 files in less than 15 seconds.

Piriform Recuva 1.53.1087 Crack And Serial Key Free Download: The Advanced Mode

This scan is somewhat similar to the crack Wizard scan download and the major difference is in the way of performing recovering actions. Wizard mode is a guided mode where as in the Advanced mode you have to perform all the actions yourself. After performing the scan the detailed information about the each restored file is displayed in the inbuilt viewer where you can view the restored files. The main window shows the complete list of the recovered files where you can view the crack files in tree or a thumbnail view. You can select any file of your choice to recover and then you can save it in any location you want on your hard drive.

Recuva Professional: Supported File Systems and Supported Media

There are a number of file systems supported by Recuva such as FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, NTFS + EFS including the crack support for removable media such as Smart Media, Memory Stick, Floppy Disks, Compact FLASH Cards, Secure Digital Cards and many others download.

Recuva Professional: Deep Scan Option

A deep scan option allows you to run a more through and deep scan if the Wizard and Advanced Scan remain unfruitful in recovering files. Deep scan is a bit lengthy and time consuming however it is beneficial in recovering long lost files.

Recuva Professional: Over Writing of the Files

Piriform Recuva Professional v1.52.1086 + Keygen Crack Final 2016 professional allows you to overwrite the restored crack files and make them unavailable for others. There are four different types of modes for overwriting the files such as Simple Mode, DOD mode, NSA mode and Guttmann mode download.

Recuva Professional: System Requirements

The minimum operating system to run Recuva is Windows 2000 or higher with both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions. There is no minimum hard disk or RAM requirement to run the program.


Recuva Professional is a great to recover long lost or accidently crack deleted files from your hard disk. It supports the multiple file formats such as images, documents, music, compressed files, videos and emails as well. The major advantage of the program is that it offers great efficiency and it is absolutely free of cost.


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