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KMS activator for windows 10

KMSPico All Windows & Office Activator Free Download


KMS stands for Key Management Services that is a technology used by Microsoft to activate the products that are deployed in bulks. This kind of key management is used in corporate environment where it needs to activate more than one Windows or Office edition with same key. KMSpico Activator Office 2017 is a software activator that can be used to activate various versions of Microsoft Office as well as Windows. You can use this tool to activate Microsoft Office 2016 as well as Office 2017. Almost all the version of Windows can be activated with this KMSPico 10.2.0 Final + Portable (Office and Windows 10 Activator) such as Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Office 2010, Office 2013 and Office 365 without having any paid license of this software. This KMSPico Office Activator 2017 can be used to activate Windows and Office without having an activation key or a crack of the software.

KMSpico Activator Office 2017 provides you with the genuine license that is the same Microsoft License that you are getting after paying money. You can use this KMSPico Office Activator 2017 to register any kind of Windows update, online application and Microsoft Live account or any other application that is released by Microsoft. One of the best thing about KMSPICO 10.2.0 WINDOWS AND OFFICE ACTIVATOR IS HERE! [LATEST]7 is that the activation provided by this tool is life time activation as KMSPico Office Activator 2017 is not a trail version and don’t provide you with trial of limited number of days. You don’t need to repeat or update the installation in the given period of time. You can get the genuine license for Microsoft Office 2017 without getting detected or getting banned by Microsoft. The KMSPico Office Activator 2017 supports both the 32 bit as well as the 64-bit Windows of KMSpico Activator Office 2017. The tool is hundred percent clean and does not contain any harmful viruses and malware. KMSpico Activator Office 2017 runs on Windows 8 or later or it can also be operated on Windows Server 2012 or later. It also requires the .NET Framework that comes built in with Windows 8.

KMSPico Office Activator 201



  • KMSpico Activator Office 2017 does not deprive the user from getting any regular update from Microsoft Windows
  • There are no malware threats while you use KMSpico Activator Office 2017 for Windows and Office Activation
  • The installation process of KMSpico Activator Office 2017 only takes a few minutes
  • There is no internet connection required to run and install KMSpico Activator Office 2017
  • The KMSPico Office Activator 2017 runs in background without using excessive system resources


  • The use of .NET Framework is absent in some system so you cannot run KMSpico Activator Office 2017
  • Your antivirus many detect KMSpico Activator Office 2017 has a false positive
  • The KMSPico Office Activator 2017 lacks professionalism and need some improvements
  • Another disadvantage of KMSpico Activator Office 2017 is that it is illegal and we don’t recommend using the software
  • There is no help and support available for this software

Bottom Line

KMSpico Activator Office 2017 is an activator to activate the license of your Windows and Microsoft office without paying a single penny.


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