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Hotspot Shield Elite is an easy to use Virtual Private Network software application developed and published by AnchorFree. The basic aim of the software is to protect clients on the open networks and works on geo crack blocking as well. With the help of Hotspot Shield Elite allows the user to connect to a free virtual private network in order to secure internet connection on unsecured online crack networks. Hotspot Shield Elite is simple and easy to run however this simplicity comes as the cost of drawing important and technical information from the client end. Hotspot Shield VPN Elite 6.20.3 With Crack Free Download is a powerful proxy server and it allows you to access a wide range of full encrypted IP addresses. With the help of Hotspot Shield Elite you can effectively protect that crack data from those who want to intercept or inspect your data. Hotspot Shield Elite also allows your free data to reach at its destination with a quick speed.

Pros and Cons of Hotspot Shield Elite

Pros Cons
·         HotSpot is a proxy server that is very easy to use as it automatically configures itself and connects itself to the anonymous proxy server

·         It has strong speed tests results when tested in independent testing labs

·         HotSpot Servers are available around the crack globe

·         Hotspot Shield Elite also offers flexible payment plans for its users

·         Hotspot Shield Elite also comes with a malware detection tool that is integrated within the crack software

·         Hotspot Shield Elite comes with a free version along with a infinite subscription options with the paid version

·         Hotspot Shield Elite is compatible with most of the well known operating systems

·         Hotspot Shield Elite offers unlimited bandwidth with no data logging at all


·         Although Hotspot Shield Elite enjoys server support around the globe but the server are not specialized as well the number of crack server is also very few

·         Short Term plans offered by Hotspot Shield Elite are expensive as compared to other free competitive products

·         Free version of Hotspot Shield Elite supports a large number of annoying ads

·         There is no money back guarantee comes with Hotspot Shield Elite paid version

·         The customer support is almost non-existent with this Hotspot Shield Elite.

·         There is no secure payment method offered by Hotspot Shield Elite as well as it does not offer crack P2P protection

·         There is no concrete information available on the protocols and crack encryption method used in Hotspot Shield Elite




The Final Verdict

Hotspot Shield Elite is an excellent VPN client that is best for the users who want a secure, fast and cheap way of accessing their required crack websites with an anonymous free IP address. Hotspot Shield Elite provides its client with security while they surf from open WiFi Spots with a masked crack identity. Hotspot Shield Elite has an easy to use interface and it also connects very quickly to give user a reliable full surfing experience.

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Universal Crack v5.20.2 LATEST 2016: Setup and Configuration

It is very easy to install and run Hotspot Shield Elite as there is no free manual configuration required to run the software. The crack software automatically configures itself after downloading and installation. There are a number of options for manual configuration if you want to install according to a full customized network. The interface is quite intuitive and allows you to adjust your preferences according to your own choice.

There is an access code that keeps your username and password concealed while you use the proxy crack browser. You can directly log in with your email address and password if you don’t want to use the access code. It is very easy to identify that whether you are connected to the Hotspot Shield Elite or not as red bar across the window gives you the message that you are not protected. When crack connection with the server is being established the red bar turns yellow. You can stop the connection whenever required. Moreover you can also see the server you are connected to along with investigating the amount of data you have uploaded or downloaded.

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Hotspot Shield Elite: The Windows VPN Client

Hotspot Shield Elite allows users an OpenVPN crack Connection to start with and it is a more secure and stable connection as compared to LT2P and PPTP connections.  On testing the service shows excellent results as crack IP address is hidden very effectively in such a manner that Google was unable to recognize the proxy as well. On connection this crack service shows an anonymous server and free IP address.

Hotspot Shield Elite 4.5.4 apk vpn proxy modded cracked full free provides compression service to propriety data of the users that reduces the size of the data hence makes it faster transmission of the crack data over the servers. The transmission of data depends upon your free internet speed and the location of the Hotspot Shield Elite Server. There are number of servers of Hotspot Shield Elite located in USA however the number of crack severs and their location is not revealed by Hotspot Shield Elite. This is a sort of disadvantage for the users however this service values the security and the privacy of the users as along with offering unlimited crack bandwidth this service follows the free rules and regulations applied by your local Internet Service Provider.

Hotspot Shield Elite: Technical Features

The proxy browser of Hotspot Shield Elite comes with a crack malware protection tool so that your computer remains safe from viruses and malicious software while using the Hotspot Shield Elite. You can use this service on five devices with one license purchase. Hotspot Shield Elite can be downloaded from free iTunes or Google Play to be used on your Apple and Android device and also can be used as a proxy crack service on computer running Windows or MAC.

The preferences settings of the proxy server automatically connect you to the service. It also shows warnings and notifications while you are going to connect a network that requires proxy or anonymous crack IP address.

Hotspot Shield Elite Crack 2016 With Keygen Free Download

The paid plan of Hotspot Shield Elite is known as Elite and its cheapest version is for $29.95 for six months crack subscription. The company AnchorFree offers different payment options for different countries and subscription is offered on basis of six monthly or one yearly terms. The free trial comes with unlimited free subscription however it prevents crack access to some of the premium streaming websites such as Netflix and Hulu. Free version of Hotspot Shield Elite is also annoying as it injects your crack PC with adware.


HotSpot is a speedy and easy to use proxy server that let you secure your web traffic along with protecting your identity form being theft over the insecure crack networks. The life time subscription is reasonably priced and is compatible with most of the free operating systems. However there are some shortcomings of this software such as it doesn’t offer live support, there is an unresponsive crack customer service center and has some invasive and intrusive properties as well.


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