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Missing and corrupted DLL files are a big issue and literally a headache for a PC user as it affects the smooth and optimal performance of your PC. DLL Files Fixer Crack is software that fixes all the errors related to Dynamic Link crack Library Files and ensures better performance of the PC. DLL Files Fixer Crack 2016 Serial Number + Activator downloads and installs missing and corrupted DLL files on your PC and you don’t need to search for them on the internet. The DLL Files Fixer allows searching and crack downloading thirty thousand plus DLL files and letting you install the one required on your PC for proper functioning.

Pros and Cons of DLL Files Fixer

Pros Cons
DLL Files Fixer allows you to search, download and install the missing DLL file on your crack system

DLL Files Fixer helps you in finding and fixing common errors in the system registry

DLL Files Fixer helps in creating a crack backup registry and can restore it at any point when required

DLL Files Fixer allows to run a schedule maintenance procedure of the system

The trial version of the DLL Files Fixer is not fully functional and comes with a number of crack restrictions

Sometimes following a download link of DLL Files Fixer will ask you to buy the pro version of the software to download and install from the link




The Final Verdict

DLL Files Fixer is an easy to use application that allows you to fix DLL file crack errors and also help in reinstalling corrupt and broken DLL files so that you can work comfortable with Dynamic Link crack Library that is one of the most important components of the Windows. DLL Files Fixer allows you to access more than 30 thousands DLL files available in its library.

[V3.3.90] DLL Files Fixer License Key Crack Free Download: The Installation Process

You can get the DLL Files Fixer installer directly from the website of the program. It is only 5 MB in size and took seconds to download. There is also a trial version of the DLL Files Fixer that allows you to fix one dll file and 15 registry errors. The crack software is available in 20 plus languages.

The installation process for DLL Files Fixer Crack is very straightforward as all you need to do is to click on the installer and agree to the End User License and the crack software is installed on your computer.

DLL Files Fixer license key free download

DLL Files Fixer license key free download

DLL Files Fixer: The User Interface

The interface of DLL Files Fixer is well arranged and is easy to use and crack navigate. There are five functions in the main Window that can be listed as under: –

  • Status
  • Install DLL Files
  • Scan Registry
  • Backup Registry
  • Settings

The Status tab shows the status of the PC and is divided into the Scan Status and the DLL File Installation Status. There are different crack colors to show the health status of the dll files and the system. The Install DLL Files Fixer allow you to search missing DLL files and install them on your computer. Scan crack Registry option helps you in scanning the registry and for errors and problems and also fix them safely. In Settings Tab you can configure the DLL Files Fixer for the advanced settings.

DLL Files Fixer 3.1.81 License Key with Crack Free Download: Major Features

The main feature of the DLL Files Fixer is to find appropriate DLL files for your system and install them. You can easily find the DLL file you required from a large database of DLL files supported by the DLL Files Fixer. You can install the missing or corrupted crack file either by using the program or manually.

You can also scan the registry of the Windows and safely fix the errors in the registry. You can fix the system related errors as well as the COM and ActiveX errors of the PC. You can also fix User Related Errors such as invalid history lists, broken crack shortcuts and also you can fix Uninstall and Start up errors as well.

DLL Files Fixer: System Requirements

DLL Files Fixer is compatible with both the 32 bit as well as the 64 bit versions of the Windows. It requires crack Intel Processor Three or above and 51 RAM along with 20 MB of free space for smooth running.


DLL Files Fixer is a very simple yet effective program to resolve DLL file issues and errors of your PC. You can fix the DLL files with a single click of crack mouse with ease and efficiency.


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DLL Files Fixer crack premium version free download

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