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Connectify Hotspot Pro 2017 Full Crack + License Key Free Download

Connectify Hotspot pro crack

Connectify HotSpot is amazing piece of software that converts your laptop, PC or mobile device into a Wi-Fi Hotspot so that you can connect number of different devices with this hotspot to access the internet. This Connectify let your device turn into a device that can easily share the internet with other nearby devices. There are two editions of the software with varying prices and varying crack features. The Connectify turns your device into a wireless router and provides the access to wireless internet to all the neighboring devices. There is the Lite version of the CONNECTIFY CRACK that is more light weight and easy to use for personal use. The Lite version also includes a simple firewall to boot the program. There is also a Pro version of Connectify 2017 Full Crack + Serial Key Hotspot Edition that let your laptop or phone to act a repeater so that you can share your 4G and 3G connection with your friends and family as well as allow you to share your Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi connection as well. There are also a number of different crack benefits of the Pro version of the Connectify. The Pro version of Connectify is not cheap however and you have to pay $30 for the annual subscription of the software.

Connectify HotSpot is like a full featured virtual router inside your PC. Connectify HotSpot has started the crack Wi-Fi hotspot over a number of 2 billion around the globe. This is one of the most popular and widely used Hotspot software in the world right now.  There is another competent feature of the Connectify that is provision of secure password to the user. The CONNECTIFY CRACK will automatically generate a password for you and you can easily change this password according to your will and choice. There is also another beneficial feature of Data monitoring as well that keeps the track of the data usage by the connected devices. Connectify 2017 Pro Crack + Keygen Free Download will give all the information how much internet and how much data is used by a certain device connected to the virtual Wi-Fi Spot. There is a crack client tab in the Connectify and by browsing the tab you can get the information about the device such as the time it was first connected to the hotspot, the total time device has been connected to the hotspot, full report of data and download and upload speed enjoyed by the device.

Connectify can also give custom name to your hotspot with both the paid and the free version of the software. There is a unique crack feature of the Max Version of the Connectify that allows the bridging and repeater mode of the software. Bridging feature connects your devices to the actual network that is more accurate for heavy duty internet usage such as playing games. The Reapeter mode is used to extend the range of the Wi-Fi hotspot. There is also feature of unlimited flings as the free version let you fling files between the connected crack devices. You can send files wirelessly among different connected devices. The Max version of Connectify HotSpot also allows you to enjoy custom IP and DHCP configurations as well for each and every device that is connected to the Hotspot. This feature is very useful for gaming, Peer to Peer file sharing and also other custom applications installed on the connected devices.

Connectify Crack

 Connectify 2017 Crack Free Download Full Working Version

Advantages and Disadvantages of Connectify HotSpot


  • The Connectify is stable option for those who want to share their crack internet connection in the form of free virtual Hotspot
  • The service provided by Connectify Hotspot is very fast and reliable
  • Connectify HotSpot also let you give custom name to the created virtual hotspots
  • The user can also configure customized IP and DHCP settings with the help of the Max version of the software
  • Connectify can send files directly among the various connected devices with the Wi-Fi hotspot


  • Cell Phone Wi-Fi Spots are much handier as compared to PC and Laptop
  • The Pro and Max version of the software are crack pricey as compared to the free version of the CONNECTIFY CRACK

Bottom Line

Connectify HotSpot Crack is reliable and robust software with all its simplicity and feature rich services. The software is very easy to setup and also let you use its free version as well.


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